Single Wet Wipe

Custom Printed Single Wet Wipes are one of the best marketing tools that are widely used in hotel, restaurant and cafes. We can answer all your wet wipe needs with more than 10 years production experience. We can finish all new orders within 15 days.



Custom Printed Single Wet Wipe Video

Custom printed wet wipes are the cheapest marketing tool that satisfies your customers with its freshness. Your logo, contact details or your food pictures can be printed on it. Ideal for take away orders.


10,000 pcs per size

Delivery Time

15 days on average


Up to 5 colours

Custom Printed Single Wet Wipe

Refreshing Towels are one of the best marketing tools that are widely used in hotel, restaurant and cafes. We can answer all your Custom Printed Single Wet Wipe needs with more than 10 years production experience. BFT Packaging can finish all new orders within 15 days.

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Personalised Wet Wipes Branded With Your Logo

Custom Printed are one of the good solutions for personal care when washing hands option is limited. It provides comfort to customers while representing your brand with high quality prints. In wet wipe production line, we also can produce Refreshing Wipe, Alcohol Free Refreshing Wipe, Antiseptic Wipe, Cleaning Wipe for Eye-glasses, Swab Wipe

Personalised wet wipes with logo for your hotel or restaurant as business gift or giveaway, promotional refreshing towels, hand cleaning wipes, lens cleaning, screen cleaning wipes

Bft Packaging respects to agents rights and never contacts to end customer if order comes via agent.


Printed Single Wet Wipes

Customized packaging for premium wet wipes to promote your brand, made in the Turkey

Our custom printed premium wet wipes offer a unique opportunity to promote your brand with customized packaging. We’ll print your logo, slogan, and/or specific promotional message with up to six colors on the packaging for each individually wrapped wet wipe, sure to catch your customers’ attention and show them that you care about their cleanliness and comfort. Your customers will appreciate and remember that extra touch, an inexpensive way to create a lasting effect. We can create custom printed premium wet wipes for you in various wipe and packaging sizes, please contact us and we’ll walk you through our programs.


Turkey Single Wet Wipe Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkey is the founder country of Single Wet Wipe. There are many wet wipe manufacturers in the market. Bft packaging is one well known producer of Single Wet Wipe with its quality and 10 years manufacturing and manufacturer expertise.

We supply with 8 wet wipe machines and can answer your big demands as well. Manufacturing in Turkey allow us to work 2 shifts a day if there is a target time for delivery. We can customize your carton boxes (specific size of box, customizable label on box, etc). For export orders, we put boxes on pallettes then put corner bars and wrap the pallette with tranparent film to transport you in well condition.

BFT knows export documentation process. We also can assist you with logistic offers as well. Compare to other wet wipe suppliers, BFT can offer a huge range of custom printed restaurant disposable products.

If you are looking a reliable long term manufacturing partner, BFT Packaging is right for you. Improve itself based on customer demands and make R&D for upcoming custom printed wet wipe trends. We are very welcome for new demands that we never produced before.


Custom Printed wet wipe packaging options

There are 5 outer packaging options; white triplex, silver triplex, brown kraft triplex, duplex and coated paper triplex. Triplex papers are formed from 3 layers; outer layer (polyester or brown/white paper), mid layer (metalized or aluminum) increase shelf life, inner layer (PE) makes it airtight. We can print any design on Single Wet Wipe up to 5 colors. Our standard sizes vary from 5*10 cm to 7*14 cm.


Single Wet wipe towel options

Our standard nonwoven towel is 35 gsm. We can increase or decrease the gsm of towel on demand. Small size Single Wet Wipe (f.e. 6*8 cm) has a 16*13 cm towel. Large size Single Wet Wipe (f.e. 7*12 cm) has a larger 16*18 cm towel inside. High gsm cross towel can also be used on demand.


Custom printed wet wipe fragrance options

Our scent options are “lemon” as a classic, bestseller perfume based “davidoff”, as a light option of perfume based “ice” and for soap fragrance “dove”. If order qty is sufficient enough, we can use any fragrance of your demand. Our scents do not contain alcohol. But we can produce our single printed wet wipes  with cologne as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MOQ for wet wipes?

We can manufacture above 10,000 pcs.

Do you have printless ready stock?

We only manufacture based on confirmed orders. So we do not have ready stock in our warehouse.

Can you inform about printing and production process?

We locate your logo on empty die cuts on size that we agreed on before. Cliché is ordered upon your confirmation. After your order has been printed folding phase starts.

How do you pack for delivery?

Depend on size, between 1000 to 2000 wet wipes fit in a master carton. We put customizable label on carton which states name of print, size, fragrance etc. We can deliver on palette or bulk.

Custom printed wet wipe wholesale prices

You can call or whatsapp +90 544 301 94 34 at any time about pricing or inquiries.

Additional information


5*10cm, 5*12, 5*13, 5*14,
6*8, 6*10, 6*12, 6*13, 6*14
7*10, 7*12, 7*13, 7*14

Paper type

White triplex, silver triplex, brown kraft triplex, duplex and coated paper triplex


Lemon, Dove, Ice, Davidoff, Green Tea, Tangerine

Print Details

Up to 5 colors

Minimum Order QTY

10,000 pcs up to 3 colors, 25,000 pcs for 4-5 color prints

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