Hot Cold Wet Towel (Oshibori)

It is a product above standart single use wet wipes with the quality of towels and essences. You can serve hot by heating in a special oven and cold in a refrigerator in summer. Your brand will gain prestige with this unique product that carries your logo.



Custom Printed Wet Towel Oshibori

Branded hot cold wet towels are being manufactured in our factory with fully automated printing and folding machines. The boxes used are durable and suitable for international transportation. There is a label on which the required information can be written on the carton. Print name, number of boxes and fragrance type are written as standard.


MOQ is 10,000 pcs per artwork

Delivery Time

15 days after cliché confirmation

Print Options

Any artwork with any pantone can be made up to 5 colors

What is hot cold wet towel?

Branded hot cold wet towels can be named as next generation of single use wet wipes. The printable glossy packaging reflects logos effectively, while the high-quality spunlace nonwowen towel and premium scent in it leave a mark on the customer’s mind. The difference between standard wet wipes can be served cold by keeping them in the refrigerator in summer and hot served by special mini ovens in winter. We also supply their mini ovens.

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Areas of Usage

Ideal product for hotels, cafes, restaurants and airlines. Nowadays, fish restaurants, holiday villages, Turkish baths and spas and meat / steak restaurants are used frequently. With its practical disposable structure, it provides effective cleaning in places where access to water or soap is limited.


Technical Specifications of Hot Cold Towel Outer Packaging

The packaging is of 1st quality opaque film (40 micron) suitable for food packaging. It makes the promotion of your brand in the best way by showing the high brightness and printing quality (up to 5 colors).  The outer packaging size (printing area) is standard (14 × 5.5 cm), regardless of towel size or type.



Wet wipes towel technical specifications

Our towel is viscose and its raw material is derived from cellulose based 70% beech tree roots. Towel is formed in nonwowen spunlace . Does not grow and shrink when pulled. It is a natural product and maintains its wetness for long periods even after the package is opened. Recommended shelf life is 1 year if keep in dry and room temperature.


Hot cold wet towel essence options

The fragrance essential oil is obtained from plants and it is suitable for health with its non-alcoholic and anti-carcinogenic structure. We have been using a single type of fragrance based perfume that has not been used in standard wet wipes. We can manufacture this unique product with different fragrances if quantity is above 100,000 pcs.


Oshibori print options

BFT can print outside pack of oshiboris up to 5 colors. It can be printed perfectly like food pictures. You can use it for printing or content information in an area of ​​up to 70% of back surface.


Heating oven specs

One of the most important features of the hot wet wipes is that when wet wipe is stored and served from the oven, the wipes emit steam from the opened package. One of the frequently asked questions is whether or not instantaneous heating can be done in the microwave oven. Unfortunately microwave ovens damage packaging of wet towels. The heating ovens we supply take up as little space as a small mini oven. Stores 100 average wipes in 2 drawers. Its electricity consumption is very low. Keeps wipes warm at 80 degrees. Can be keep on from opening till closing. When needed, the lid can be opened and wet towel can be serviced. The product maintains its temperature until a few minutes after leaving the oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MOQ?

10,000 pcs per towel size or design

What is average production time?

Products become ready to deliver approximately 15 days after printing plate artwork confirmation.

How do you pack branded hot cold wet towels / Oshiboris?

Depends on towel size you pick, approximately 500 wet towels fit in 1 master carton. Carton size or pcs per master carton can be change upon your request.

Can you inform about printing and production process?

We place your artwork on die cuts and make all necessary changes until you confirm. Then we manufacture cliché and start printing phase. When production time comes, printed rolls are used to produce your bag.

Hot cold wet towel wholesale prices

You may ask any questions to our whatsapp contact line +90 544 301 9434 about custom printed hot cold wet towel or oshibori product details or pricing.

Additional information

Towel Size

20*18, 20*23 and 20*25 cm in folded format, 25*30, 30*30 and 30*35 cm in roll format

Print Options

Up to 5 colors

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