Ice Cream Cups

We can make 4 oz (100cc) to 17 oz (500 cc) branded ice cream cups. Wide range of products in different diameters and heights, we have a product choice suitable for every brand.With the offset printing technique, we are able to apply any kind of artwork on the product perfectly.



Printed Ice Cream Cups

In our factory in Turkey, İstanbul we make printed ice cream cups with no-touching. Because they are contacting with food directly, we are giving a big credit to use best cardboard and ink.

Minimum Order

50,000 pieces per size.

Lead Time

We deliver your order approximately in 20 days.


With no colour limit including CMYK artworks can be applied

What is Ice cream cup?

Ice cream cup is a presentation and transport package made of cardboard that does not react in the cold chain. It does not give taste and odor to the ice cream and print quality outside is the most important quality indicator. We add your brand on to the ice cream paper cup.

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Where do ice cream cups used?

While ice cream shops are often used for take-away orders, some businesses also serve ice-creams in restaurants or cafes with these packages.Since the national ice cream brands are in the cold chain in the process until they are consumed from the factory, they attach special importance to the quality of cardboard and printing.


Technical Specs of Ice Cream Cups

In cardboard ice cream paper cups; We have a wide range of products from 4 oz (100 cc) to 17 oz (500 cc).We use different cardboard thicknesses from 230 gsm to 300 gsm.As a complement to these products, we produce printed paper bags, napkins and plastic cutlery sets. Our products are disposable and compatible with vending machines. All of our production is carried out in full automatic machines in accordance with food codex without touching.


Paper Ice Cream Cup printing features

All types of printing, including CMYK prints, can be easily applied on our ice cream cups. With the offset printing technique, we can apply any printing on cups without color limit and plate costs. Product or human pictures can be printed without error. Our graphics department is helping with the latest trend of customizable prints. Certified water-based paints are used in our prints. Volume information, recycling icons, and manufacturer (or agent) information are written on the bottom of the cups. This section can be customized.

Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum order ?

50,000 pcs per size

What is average production time?

We deliver within 20 days, depending on order density

How and how many products come in carton?

Cardboard cups are intertwined and put in boxes in plastic bags. For example, our 6.5 oz (200 cc) ice cream container has 1000 pieces in a box. Every 50 containers enter 1 cartridge, 1 box per 20 cartridges. For this size, our box size is 46x38x67 cm.

Wholesale printed ice cream cup prices

You can ask us from whatsapp support line +90 544 301 94 34 for every question about your cardboard ice cream cup prices and our product.

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