Transparent Plastic Cutlery Set

Plastic catering set is the only solution that can be used in places where cutlery distribution is limited (crowd, distance etc.). Festivals, fairs, meetings and presentations, food trucks, catering services in outdoor organizations and most importantly take-away services are the main areas of use.


Printed plastic cutlery set video

You can learn about our products by watching the video we prepared for plastic catering sets. You can place an order with a special logo and printed on your cutlery set package.

Minimum Order

10,000 pcs

Lead Time

Production takes 15 days

Plastic Cutlery Set

The plastic cutlery set is an ideal solution with its practical disposable form where you cannot serve metal cutlery. Content may vary according to your usage purpose, it is very practical in crowded food service and take away orders since there is no problem of collection and washing.

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Branded Plastic Cutlery Set

One of the indispensable packaging materials for businesses that serve food outside restaurant  is the plastic cutlery set.


How plastic cutlery set is made?

Content should be determined first. ” Plastic Fork – Spoon – Knife – Toothpick – napkin – salt – wet wipe ” are preferable materials. Plastic cutlery sets generally include branded wet wipe and napkin. Remaining pieces differentiate depend on customers needs. Mostly formed by 5 or 6 pieces.



How did the plastic takeaway plastic cutlery set become popular?

Companies were combining contents of plastic cutlery sets to their employees. Due to increasing labor costs and cost reduction in machine made plastic cutlery sets made them more preferable.

In addition, hotels and travel companies etc. cutlery sets takes its place among the invariable product range among the companies operating in service sector. BFT manufactures your desired plastic cutlery set with best quality and lowest cost possible while product representing your brand with perfect prints on it.

We can produce a complete plastic cutlery set with company logo and info printed on it. Prepared under completely sterile conditions in the package sugar stick, napkin, toothpick, plastic fork, plastic spoon, plastic knife, wet wipes, salt, cream, white sugar, brown sugar, sweetener, salt, pepper, coffee, cream, many spices, can be replaced into plastic cutlery set.


Plastic catering set usage areas

Package or take away services, festivals, fairs, meetings and presentations, food trucks, food services in outdoor organizations, crowd meals and disaster situations are the main areas of use.


Plastic Cutlery Set Contents

We can pack everything that can fit into a 7 × 25 cm transparent package. Preferred main materials are; forks, knives, spoons, dessert and teaspoons, napkins, salt, sugar, toothpicks, black pepper, flakes and thyme packaged varieties such as spices, wet wipes, dates, gum, and so on. You can choose the prints, colors and weights of the products as you wish, or you can buy the products as a single item from us.


Plastic Cutlery Set Manufacturer

BFT Packaging is a manufacturer of plastic cutlery set and many of contents in it. We sell below product categories domestically and internationally;


Product Range

Plastic Cutlery set

Plastic Utensils (fork,knife,spoon etc)



Stick Sugar


Features of plastic cutlery set

Contents Spoon, Fork, Knife, Salt, Pepper, Toothpick, Napkin and Wet wipes, you can choose from dozens of different content.
Outer Package 7 × 25 cm 20 micron thick Opp (Transparent Bag)
Outer Pack Print Options Continuous print upto 5 colors

FAQ for Branded Plastic Cutlery Set

What is Minimum Order Quantity?

10,000 sets. The more quantity, decrease the unit price

What can be put inside?

Depends on your imagination. The outer packaging size is 7 × 25 cm. We can put everything that can be put into this set for you if size is appropriate . Most preferred are wet wipes, cutlery of various sizes, knives, spoons, napkins, salt, sugar, black pepper, various spices, ketchup, mayonnaise, chewing gum, honey and many other products can be added.

What type of prints can be applied on outer packaging?

Outer packing is a transparent plastic derivative bag called opp. We print your logo on the outer bag so that your logo appears in more than one continuous flowing form.

How many sets are there in a box?

It’s directly proportional to the number of pieces we put in the set. The fewer pieces, the more sets are in the carton. For example: Plastic cutlery set consisting of fork, knife and napkin enters 800 boxes.

What is an average price of a set?

Take away cutlery set prices vary according to the pieces we put into it. For example, a cutlery has 3 different quality and 3 different prices called premium, luxury and eco. The parts you choose and the quality level determine the price.

How many days does production last?

We deliver your order within 15 days on average. (It depends on the parts you plan to put in.)

Additional information

Components that you can put inside

Plastic spoons, forks, knives, salt, pepper, toothpicks, wet wipes, etc. You can make combinations of all kinds of materials that can enter into the outer packaging.

Outer Packaging

7 × 25 cm 20 micron thick Opp (transparent bag)

Outer Pack Print Options

Continuous Logo Print up to 5 colors

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