Pizza Box

Pizza boxes are mainly used for take away orders. However can be used inside restaurants as well while keeping food temperature. We can convert papers to undulated corrugate cartons with determining its thickness.




10,000 pcs per size

Delivery Time

Products can be ready to deliver in 20 days


Cmyk prints with offset method or max 4 colors by flexo method

What is Pizza Box?

Micro-corrugated pizza boxes are low, thick and durable pizza carrying boxes compared to Bristol cartons. When closed, the pizza retains its temperature. It retains its shape up to the place of transport.

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What are the options of pizza box carton?

Micro corrugated pizza boxes, also called corrugated cardboards, are 2 colors, brown and white. We can bring pizza boxes from paper stage to corrugated stage in our own factory and give the thickness and durability we want. We can produce both inside and outside brown or white, if you wish, inside and outside brown or vice versa. We also produce small pizza boxes from bristol cardboard.


Pizza Box Print Options

Our pizza boxes are divided into two as flexo printed and offset printing over corrugated. With CMYK printing, we can print your food pictures like pizza on your boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MOQ?

Minimum production of corrugated pizza boxes is 10,000 pieces. We do not prefer lower production quantities due to high waste in printing.

What is the difference between flexo and offset pizza boxes?

Flexo printing is used for printing consisting of lettering and drawing such as your logo address etc. If you want to print a photo like a pizza picture on it, we use the offset printing technique.

How many days does production takes?

Depends on our order density, your orders quantity etc, production generally takes 20 days approximately.

How are pizza boxes shipped?

The pizza boxes are stacked one on top of the other as unset. Thus, it takes up little space in transportation and storage. Pizza boxes are made in self-winding model. It can be installed quickly when needed.

Do your pizza boxes have food certificate?

The raw material we receive as paper is obtained from international companies with food compliance certificates. We convert these papers into micro-corrugated cardboard in our factory. All raw materials used in production are certified for food safe.

Wholesale Pizza Box Prices

The size of your pizza box, whether it is paper laminated, the quality and color of the carton, and most importantly the order quantity determines the unit price.

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