White Pouch / Satchel Bags

Pouch is a kind of packaging that allows you to serve food products with your corporate brand under hygiene conditions. It represents your brand in the best way with artworks that can be printed up to 4 colors. Satchel bags are effective in keeping heat, moisture and oil while maintaining the freshness of your products.



Printed White Sulphite Pouches

Printed white sulphite satchel bags are produced in our factory in Istanbul in 6 fully automatic machines without human touch. Since they are products in direct contact with food, we attach utmost importance to the fact that the paper and paint used are certified for food. Whether with or without windows printed white sulphide pouches are at your service with dozens of sizes.


250 kg is minimum order quantity

Lead Time

Approximately 20 days

Color Options

Any artwork can be applied up to 4 colors

Standard White Satchel Bags

It is a pouch developed to carry the product which is put into the white sulfide pouch papers without touching. The reason for the so-called white sulfide is due to the white color of the paper and the standard 40 gsm paper called sulfide.


Where to use white pouch?

It is frequently used in all establishments where food is served, especially in bakeries, cafes and restaurants. Pouches of different sizes are used for serving bakery products (bagels, pastry, pita etc.). The standard-sized type of printed paper bag called cutlery or service pouch is used for the storage of table services (forks, knives, spoons, etc.).


Technical Specs

Pouches do not have a base unlike handleless sos bags or bottom gusset bags. Therefore, they cannot stand on their own. White sulfide pouch is 40 gsm as standard. In such cases, we recommend the use of greaseproof pouches.
If you want to show the product in the satchel bag, the transparent opp window can be placed on the right edge, center or left edge of the product front face. Micro perforated holes can be applied on this transparent window to prevent the hot product you put into it from being pulped by steam.
One of our pouches in dozens of different combinations in size will surely fit you.


White Pouch Print Options

All kinds of printing up to 4 colors can be easily applied on paper satchel bags. Product or human pictures can be printed without error. Certified water based inks are used in our prints.


Pouch manufacturers

We are at your side as BFT packaging for your paper bag manufacturer searchs. We manufacture and serve for different size white sulfide pouches.


Window Pouch

The window pouch is used to show the food to the customer. It prevents the pulping of the hot bakery product from the steam with micro perforated holes that can be applied on it. The window can be placed in the center, either on the right edge or adjacent to the left edge. It is particularly useful for displaying food products which are attractive in appearance. 40 gsm white sulphite, chamois or greaseproof paper of both colors can be used as paper. Prints including product photos can be made.


Product Range

  • Small Pouches
  • Bites pouches
  • Fish satchel bags
  • Nuts satchel bags
  • Bagel Satchel bags


What is moq?

250 kg per size

How do you pack satchel bags?

Depends on size, generally 10 kg boxes

Printed satchel bags in wholesale

Please contact us through our whatsapp line +90544 301 94 34 for any of your inquiries or questions.

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