Greaseproof Pouch

Greaseproof satchel bags are a kind of pouch packaging that does not pass out the oil when you put all kinds of oily products into. Such as hamburgers, sandwiches, donuts etc. The printing and folding process takes place in fully automatic machines. Our flawless flexo printing technology up to 4 colors enables us to reflect your corporate identity, logo and slogan on the product.



Printed Greaseproof Satche Bags

Printed white or brown greaseproof paper bags are produced in our factory in Istanbul in 6 fully automatic machines without touching. Since there are products in direct contact with food, we attach utmost importance to the fact that the paper and ink used are certified for food. Whether with or without windows, printed pouches are available in dozens of sizes.


250 kg per size

Lead Time

Products become ready within 20 days after final artwork confirmation


Any artwork up to 4 colors is applicable

What is a greaseproof pouch?

Greaseproof satchel bags are stopping oil to transfer outside, when you put all kinds of oily products like hamburger, saucy sandwich, toast, wrap, etc. in the greaseproof pouch packaging type. We have both white and brown greaseproof pouches.


Where to use white or brown greaseproof pouches?

It is frequently used in all establishments where food is served, especially in bakeries, patisseries and restaurants. Pouches of different sizes are used to serve bakery products (bagels, pastry, toast, pita etc.), oily or sauce dishes such as hamburger, doner, pita, hot dog.


Greaseproof Satchel Bag Technical Specs

Pouches do not have a base on the bottom, unlike a bottomed pouch or a square bottom paper bags. Therefore, they cannot stand on their own. White or brown greaseproof satchel bag is 40 gsm as standard. The high KIT value determines the oil tightness level of the greaseproof paper. Our greaseproof papers are one of the best quality options on the market with 8-9 Kit levels. The papers are made of 100% cellulose and can be fully recycled.

If you want to show the product in greaseproof pouch, a transparent opp window can be placed. Micro perforated holes are drilled on this transparent window to prevent the hot product from putting into the steam. You can decide window position and size as you wish, and you can keep your product fresh while showing your product with peace of mind.
One of our greaseproof paper bags in dozens of different size combinations will surely fit you.


Grease-proof satchel bag print options

All kinds of printing up to 4 colors can be easily applied on grease-proof paper bags. Product or human pictures can be printed without error. While all kinds of colors can be seen on white greaseproof paper, dark colors appear more successful on brown greaseproof paper. If you have a vivid color image, we recommend that you select white greaseproof paper. Certified water-based inks used in contact with food are used in our prints.


How do you pack greaseproof pouches?

20 kg of pouches are put in 1 box

Greaseprooof pouch wholesale prices

You may contact us from our whatsapp line +905443019434 for any of your inquiries or questions about greaseproof satchel bags

Additional information


70 mm – 350 mm


35 mm – 140 mm

Paper Thickness

40 gsm

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