Printed Paper Bucket

Custom printed cardboard buckets are ideal presentation tool for fried chickens, wings, french fries, mussels and many more. Your brand will be transport with perfect print on buckets. Also known as fast food bucket, pop corn bucket, popeyes bucket, kfc bucket.



Cardboard Buckets

Printed cardboard buckets are produced in our factory in Istanbul without any touch on our fully automatic machines. Since there are products in direct contact with food, we pay utmost attention to the fact that the cardboard and paint used are certified for food.


20,000 pcs per size/design

Lead Time

Approximately 20 days

Artwork options

No color limit. CMYK artworks can also be applied on buckets

What is paper bucket?

Cardboard bucket is a type of packaging that is used for serving fried products such as popcorn, chicken, onion rings etc. to be put into round bottom generally. We have a wide range of products from 18 oz (530 cc) to 170 oz (5000 cc). Mainly used for fried chicken and pop corn. Any design can be printed with our offset printing machines.

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Where to use?

Popcorn bucket for popcorn in movie theaters, fried chicken products are used in fast food restaurants for food products,  French fries, mussels, onion rings, chips, fried chicken, nugget, wings, thigh box versions are used in restaurants.


Technical Specs

In cardboard buckets; We have a wide range of products from 18 oz (530 cc) to 170 oz (5000 cc). We use different cardboard thicknesses from 230 gsm to 300 gsm. Paper buckets are produced in fully automated machines while relying on food codex requirements.


Printed cardboard buckets specs

It can be easily applied on all kinds of printing buckets including CMYK prints. With the offset printing technique, we can apply any printing on our buckets without color limit and printing plate cost. Product or human pictures can be printed without error. Certified water-based paints are used in our prints. Volume information, recycling icons and manufacturer (or your brokerage) information is written on the bucket bottom. This section can be customized.


What is minimum order quantity?

20,000 pcs per size/design

How many days does it take to produce?

Depend on order intensity, it takes approximately 20 days to deliver your order

How do you pack buckets?

Cardboard buckets are nested and put in boxes in plastic bags. For example, our 85 oz buckets are 180 pcs in a carton. Every 45 containers enter 1 cartridge, 1 carton every 4 cartridges. For this size, our package size is 40x40x50 cm.

Printed buckets wholesale prices

You can ask us whatsapp support line on +90 544 301 94 34 for every question about cardboard bucket prices and our product.

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