Custom Printed Foldable Cardboard Hamburger Packaging Paper Burger Box

Hamburger Packaging Box are used both in restaurants and take away orders while keeping the temperature of food and representing your brand by the print on box.



Custom Printed Hamburger Packaging Boks

Hamburger boxes are used both in restaurants and take away orders while keeping the temperature of food and representing your brand by the print on box.


10,000 pcs per size

Delivery Time

20 days on average


Up to 6 colours

Hamburger Packaging Boxes

We print your logo on any type of burger boxes. We manufacture printless or custom printed Hamburger Packaging Box from e flute of American Bristol cartons. Hamburger packaging box products.

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Custom Printed Burger Box

Printed hamburger box preferred by fast food restaurants and take away service restaurants. Our burger boxes is suitable for food packaging and has food safe certificates. We serve as a manufacturer of printed hamburger boxes specially for your company in large, medium and small sizes.


Printed Hamburger Boxes

We produce hamburger boxes specially printed for your company. With burger boxes with logo, you will look more corporate for your customers. If you want to make a branded burger box, you can contact us.


Manufacturing of Burger Boxes

Burger boxes are mainly used for take away orders. But some restaurants also prefer to serve their burgers in boxes in restaurants as well. Especially in shopping centers. In that way cleaning process of the burger plate is being eliminated while corporate marketing is made by the print on the box. You may contact us to have a custom printed burger box of your brand.


Custom Boxes With Logo: Wholesale Custom Printed Boxes

Although burger boxes are made of bristol cardboard material, in recent years hamburger boxes made of brown corrugated cardboard, pizza cardboard material, have started to be used frequently.We manufacture branded burger boxes with both materials and/or printing techniques.

 Custom Printed Food Packaging Supplies

We are producing with two different options for the hamburger package service box, which is preferred by the companies that make take away deliveries. If you want the printed Burger Boxes for take away to be made of bristol cardboard, we can print any artwork you want, including photo of your burger. If you want corrugated cardboard, there are 2 options as printing;


Flexo print on cardboard

Cardboard Burger can be printed with cliche if you want to maintain the environmentalist brown appearance. Our advice here is to print your logo with dark colors like black to make it look clear on brown background.


Offset print with paper laminated on cardboard

If you want a very colorful and clear print and prefer the thick structure of the corrugated material, this option is for you. We laminate corrugated cardboard with paper, we print the paper clearly while the inside of your hamburger box remains brown or white corrugated cardboard. Your box is thick and durable like pizza boxes.


Lock Mechanisms of Burger Boxes

One of the biggest problems that hamburger restaurants face in boxes is putting the hamburger in it and opening it during the transportation stage and breaking up the hamburger. Throughout our years of production experience in our factory we have developed our lock types. We have developed 4 different (2 sides thin double-tab, middle single-tab, etc.) lock mechanisms. If you wish, you can use one of them and apply the lock for your hamburger box.


Custom Printed Burger Box Specs

Carton TypesBristol, Corrugated Cardboard, Laminated Paper on Corrugated Cardboard, mini burger boxes, big burger boxes, large burger boxes
Thickness230 gsm – 350 gsm
Standard Sizes8,2*8,2*6cm(h) – 9,5*9,5*7cm(h) – 9,5*9,5*8cm(h) – 10*10*6cm(h) – 10*10*7cm(h) – 11*11*7cm(h) – 11*11*8cm(h) – 12*12*7cm(h) – 13*13*9cm(h)

FAQ for Branded Hamburger Boxes

What is MOQ?

Minimum order quantity for branded burger boxes is 10,000 pcs

Can I customize my hamburger box?

We have 9 different sizes both can be done with American Bristol or corrugated cardboard. You can choose one of these sizes for S, M, L, XL sizes or give your own custom size.

Can you make the same hamburger box I used?

As soon as we receive the sample, we work on it and can make the same.

Can you produce different design hamburger boxes I use

If you have the sample or share the photo, of course we will, and we will probably do the same.

What is average lead time?

Approximately can be ready on 15 days

Branded Burger box prices

You can ask us any questions about printed hamburger box prices and related to our product from whatsapp support line at +90 544 301 94 34.

Additional information

Carton Types

Bristol, Corrugated Cardboard, Laminated Paper on Corrugated Cardboard


230 gsm – 350 gsm

Standard Sizes

8,2*8,2*6cm(h) – 9,5*9,5*7cm(h) – 9,5*9,5*8cm(h) – 10*10*6cm(h) – 10*10*7cm(h) – 11*11*7cm(h) – 11*11*8cm(h) – 12*12*7cm(h) – 13*13*9cm(h)

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