Natural Kraft Shopping Paper Bag

Brown Paper Carrier Bags are one of the most important transportation tools,
It makes free marketing of your company by carrying your logo and show how natural friendly your brand is by its natural look.

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Natural Kraft Shopping Paper Bag with Flat Handles

Natural Kraft Shopping Paper Bag; Almost 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable, our deluxe printed flat Brown Kraft paper bags make an ideal alternative to plastic bags. They’re versatile, represent great value for money and are available in 70 gsm to 100 gsm on Brown Kraft paper. FSC certificated papers are always in stock. Bespoke options can also be created.


10,000 pcs per size

Delivery Time

15 days on average


Up to 5 colours

Natural Kraft Shopping Paper Bag

Natural Kraft Shopping Paper Bag is mainly used in retail sector; especially preferred in supermarkets and takeaway services of restaurants. Your corporate promotion is being made during carriage. Flat Handle Paper Bags have a unique feature. Handles are folded inside the bag. It has an edge over transportation and storage. You may fold them outside and ready to use.


Natural Kraft Shopping Paper Bag Print Options

We use 70-100 gsm Brown Kraft in production. Our 6 color high tech printing machines enable us to make perfect prints. We can print inside of bag as well. Also we can make fantasy prints with laque and lamination technologies we have. jewelry, eyewear stores.

They have same carriage capacity as twist handle paper bags. But comparably cheaper option then twist handle version.


Natural Kraft Shopping Paper Bag Usage Areas

Take away and to go services, inside restaurants, all kinds of retail shops; include fashion, jewelry, eyewear, bakeries, fast food chains and so on.


Natural Kraft Paper Bag Options

We have 2 options for handles; internal and external flat handles. As mentioned above internal flat handles can be folded inside for storage purposes. Internal flat handles are strengthening via extra paper stuck on from inside. They have same carriage capacity as flat handle paper bags. But comparably cheaper option then flat  handle version. Handles can be painted to any pantone code based on your demand.


Natural Kraft Shopping Paper Bag Manufacturers

BFT Packaging is one of the biggest paper bag manufacturers in Turkey. Your big orders can be handled easily with our fully automated machines and day/night shift system. Firstly we take your artwork and locate on die cuts. After your confirmation and sizes/tech specs are set, we order your cliché and printing phase starts. Finally we fold printed rolls and they become branded flat handle paper bag.


Natural Kraft Paper Bag Manufacturer Turkey

BFT Packaging has been manufacturing Natural Kraft Shopping Paper Bag with unique handles in Turkey. Due to our location close to Istanbul port, we have an edge over logistic costs compare to competitors. Our handles are thick and durable to satisfy our fast food restaurant and retail chain customers.

As one of the important player in Turkish paper bag manufacturers, BFT will increase 20% of its production capacity within 2020 to meet the demands.


Natural Kraft Shopping Carrier Bags

Natural Kraft Shopping Paper Bag are mostly used in restaurants, groceries and supermarkets. Recent years, fashion retailers started to switch to flat tape handle kraft bags from twist handle kraft bags. Flat paper bags with foldable handles are saving space in storage and during delivery. Can be printed up to 5 colors and has same carrying ability as twist handle paper bags.


Wholesale Natural Kraft Shopping Paper Bag

Natural Kraft Shopping Paper Bag are being used more frequently in retail spots. Due to its comparably cheaper wholesale prices compare to twist handle paper bags, make them a favourite in carrier bags


Paper bag options

We use 70-100 gsm Brown Kraft, Brown kraft and coated paper in production. FSC certified Brown Kraft kraft papers are always ready in stock.

Width 15 – 54 cm
Gusset 8 – 20 cm
Height 20 – 70 cm
Paper options Handle Colors Brown Kraft, White Kraft, red and black are always ready in stock. Any pantone can be painted for big orders
Paper Gsm 70 – 100 gsm
Print option Upto 6 colors
Handle Colors Brown Kraft, Brown Kraft, red and black are always ready in stock. Any pantone can be painted for big orders
Extras Base carton to increase durability and FSC Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MOQ?

10,000 pcs for prints upto 3 colors. 25,000 pcs for more complicated prints

What is lead time?

22 working days

Do you have ready stock for print less standard size paper bags?

Unfortunately not. We only produce based on orders.

Can you inform about printing and production process?

We place your artwork on die cuts and make all necessary changes until you confirm. Then we manufacture cliché and start printing phase. When production time comes, printed rolls are used to produce your bag.

How is packing of flat handle paper bags?

There are 200 to 400 bags (due to size) fit in 1 carton. Our mostly used carton size is 35*55*35 cm. We put them on palette. Put corner bars and shrink them for transportation. We also put customizable sticker which gives all necessary info about package.

Flat handle paper bag wholesale prices?

You can call or whatsapp +90 544 301 94 34 at any time about pricing or inquiries.

Additional information


En: 15-32 cm arası
Körük: 8-18 cm arası
Boy: 22-70 cm arası

Kağıt cinsi

Beyaz kraft, kahverengi kraft ve kuşe

Kağıt gramajı

70 – 110 gram arası

Baskı rengi

6 renge kadar

Sap Rengi

Beyaz, kahverengi, siyah ve kırmızı saplar stoklarımızda devamlı mevcuttur. Yüksek adetli siparişlerinizde vereceğiniz pantone kodunda boyanmış flat saplar takabiliyoruz.

Ekstra özellikler

Dayanıklılık arttırmak için dip karton ve FSC sertifikası

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