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Size nasıl yardımcı olabilirim?

SOS Self Opening Satchel bags are key carriage tools where light products are being sold. Retail spots and gift stores often use them. They are ideal for transport where handles are not necessary. Sometimes used with sticker to close its top. They are customizable in size and can be branded. Pharmacies, supermarkets and fast food restaurants are their main consumers. There are 2 paper options available to use.

White Kraft SOS Bags

Also known as White Kraft Carrier Bags without handles. They are widely used at pharmacies, supermarkets and organic markets. SOS bags can be printed up to 6 colors by flexo printing technique. Your brand identity is seen during usage. It is environment friendly. It completely dissolves in nature. Size of Sos bags can be anything from smallest sizes to large ones.

Natural Brown Kraft SOS Bags

Natural brown kraft paper is not processed version of cellulose. So this color paper is being chosen by companies that want to seem environment friendly. Brown self opening satchel bags size and print options are same as white sos bags. However, brown kraft paper absorb ink more than white one. So colors look more dull than on white. Artworks with darker colors might choose brown. Shiny logo companies or artworks consist picture should go for white.

There are various paper thickness options both for white and brown. Starting from 60 gsm and can be as thick as 100 gsm. Depends on product weight that you are going to put in, you should decide on gsm. Lighter gsm for lighter products and thicker gsm for heavier products

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