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Size nasıl yardımcı olabilirim?

Paper bags are manufactured in different sizes you want with high tech machines. If you are interested at how we manufacture paper bags please check video below.

Printed Paper Bag Production Video

If you are looking for printed paper bags with your brand on it, you can find recyclable and stylish paper bags within our range of printed paper bags.

Where to buy paper bags with handles

First of all, you should prefer manufacturers who have their own printing and folding machines. You can find our twist handle, flat handle kraft bag kinds and flat bottom or sos bags in our web site.

Where to buy wholesale paper bags

As soon as you forward your demand to us you need to specify the type of paper(white kraft, brown kraft or coated) and the size you want. Then we will be able to offer you the best price ossible. After that you can start order process by simply sharing the image of the print.

Types of Printed Paper Bags

As Bft Packaging, we manufacture printed paper bags. We prepared videos to show our customers how we manufacture paper bag products in our factory. In our video there are flat handle, twist handle and bottomed pouch products processes.

What to consider when buying paper bags?

Besides the possibility of recycling, paper bags do not contain any carcinogenic substances is the reason why people prefer them as carrier bags. Especially the ones that are being used in the food industry are healthy and safe to interact with the food since they don’t have carcinogenic substances in them.

The demand for paper bags has been increasing rapidly in recent years. This is because the kraft paper used is a natural material and can be recycled or dissolved in nature.

Regarding the issues to be considered;

-When deciding on the size, you should decide well about which product will be put in. To avoid wasting time in packaging, the product you want to put in a bag should easily put in and easily taken out. The amount of products you will put in and the total weight of those products are important to determine the correct size and the kraft gsm to be used. If your products have different sizes, you can demand multiple sizes of bags. Small products in large size bags damage your corporate image.

-You may consider using white or brown kraft paper according to your brand concept. Depending on your print white coated paper might be a better choice, if your print consists of light colors or if you are going to use a picture as print. White kraft paper or white coated paper should be selected, if you want to give an environmentally friendly image and if your print consists of dark colors brown kraft might be a better choice.

There are 4 options in handle selection;

Twist handle; is the most commonly used handle type. Durability is at its highest level. Commonly used by clothing brands and premium restaurants.

Internal flat handle; It is the economic handle type usually preferred by fast food restaurants. Provides storage advantage by saving space with its foldable function.

External flat handle; is another type of handle preferred by restaurants. Its carrying capacity is poor compared to other types above. If you plan to put lighter products in, might be a good option.

Sos (Handleless) Bags; This type of bag is used in supermarkets, pharmacies and different retail points.

Paper thickness of 70 to 100 grams of kraft paper is available in our stock. Small and medium sizes of 70-80 grams can be used, while in large sizes 90 and 100 grams of paper should be preferred. The weight of the product to be put in should be considered when deciding on the paper thickness.

As BFT Packaging, our team is ready to respond to your every demand, with more than 10 years of experience in paper bag production.

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